Taz and Indy the greeters at Forrestdale Kennels
Taz and Indy, our greeters

At Forrestdale Kennels, we specialize in the boarding of all breeds of dogs and cats. Our resident cats, Taz and Indy, are our official greeters, no matter if a dog or cat is arriving! As self-appointed supervisors, they like to make daily rounds with our visiting guests! Surprisingly, they seem to have a calming effect on a barking dog and can turn the most timid of guest into a more social animal.

We have two sizes of indoor guest rooms – the larger rooms are ideal for large breeds or 2-dog families. The other sized room fits medium and small dogs very comfortably. Each dog has an oversized exterior run to exercise and breathe in fresh country air. Our kennels are fully heated and air conditioned to meet the demands of our Canadian climate.

Each visiting guest receives individualized care – no cookie cutter approach here! As a bonus, we have full blown conversations with your pet, even taking on the voice we imagine your pet would have. Scientists refer to this as anthropomorphism. We just think it’s fun!

Some pet guests require advanced special care such as receiving multiple medications throughout the day, or having their eyes washed and ears cleaned for those pesky little infections, or getting regular insulin injections. Let us know your pet’s special needs when you make your reservation or drop in for a visit.

We also offer Day Care from Monday through Saturday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. This is a great way to get your pet to get used to the boarding routine, in short stints. Then there are the pets that need human interaction while their mom or dad is away from home – day care can help!

Is your pet in need of a trim or spa pampering? Let us know if your pet needs a little off the top or the complete works. Our groomer will arrange for the grooming to be done before check-out. Looking pretty (or handsome) makes the trip home that much better!

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