Boarding Your Pet

You’ve thought about leaving your pet with family or friends?

  • This can be stressful and a burden to the family or friend.
  • Your pet may show atypical destructive behaviour: damage to their personal property can be an unexpected cost to you.
  • Their house may not be “pet-proof”. A curious pet can get into products or plants that may be dangerous to their health.

So why is boarding a good choice?

Pet boarding at Forrestdale Kennels

Our kennel offers a safe and controlled environment. This gives the feeling of security for you and your pet.

  • Interior kennel rooms and exterior exercise areas are self-contained. Little fear for an escape artist pet!
  • Our kennel provides your pet with a steady routine for meals, exercise and sleep. Pets easily adapt to a regular schedule.
  • Observation of your pet is very important to their well-being. Your pet may be observed for any of the following and most observed signs can be managed by us:
    • Chewing (“destroying”) bedding, fur, skin
    • Excessive panting
    • Loss of appetite
    • Changes in stool consistency or frequency
    • Blood in urine
    • Signs of aggression or depression
  • Knowing when to seek veterinary assistance is important. We have a local veterinary service (the vet who looks after our family pets) available.

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